Here’s a list of questions I get asked the most, if I’ve missed something let me know!


Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: The blog has been around in one iteration or another since 2011.  I’ve been escorting since January 2010.

Q: Why did you start escorting?

A: Short answer is I needed the money.  Long answer is after a year of futile job searching post military (I was and am a disabled Vet, and back then I needed a cane to do a lot of walking) a girlfriend of mine asked if I’d fill a slot in one of her FBST parlours.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I could make a few hundred dollars and get out with nothing more than a fun story.  It turns out I really enjoyed what I did, the men I saw, and (to a lesser extent) the women I worked with.  I stuck on with this parlour until we disbanded six months later.  At that point I decided to go “independent” (without a manager or scheduler) and to go “full service” (offering the whole monty instead of just a rub down).  I found myself well suited to the task, in both the physical and mental arenas.  I’ve stuck with it for so long because I still feel a connection to the roots of the concept of “sacred whore”, and I truly believe that I am helping my clients become better and fully whole people.  Sexuality and sexual pleasure is often ignored or belittled as somehow less important, and that’s all twisted.  We are sexual beings, and when we stifle that we do ourselves a disservice.

Q: How much do you make?

A: Enough to live but not enough to buy a Ferrari in cash (and it turns out when you do that you tend to get looked at weirdly by the IRS)

Q: Does your family know?  How about your friends?

A: My family doesn’t know, but it’s not because I’ve lied to them about it.  We are a fairly private family, and as long as they see me well fed and generally happy they don’t ask too many questions.  My friends and lovers all know what I do and offer varying degrees of support.  Those who find my work antithetical to their world tend to find themselves edged out of my life.

Q: How do you stay safe?  Aren’t you afraid?

A: I have many ways of keeping safe.  I trust my gut, I utilize the surrounding “hooker community”, I do checks on every perspective client.  I keep to the idea that not all money is good money, and it’s better to walk away from a payday than to put oneself in danger.  I’m not afraid of my clients, but I do fear police and being arrested.  I try to keep myself safe from that, too, by being careful with my words and how to convey my meaning.  Escorting is perfectly legal, as it’s a contract for TIME and COMPANIONSHIP only.  (It goes without saying, I hope, that I also utilize safer sex practices, keep my health in check, and stay up to date with new information concerning STDs and other health risks)

Q: Aren’t you too old/fat/smart/high class/whatever to do this?

A: No.  This profession allows for many kinds of people and all types are wanted and needed.  I’m motivated.  (Being a looker doesn’t hurt either!)

Q: What is your exit plan?  Do you have an exit plan?

A: An exit plan is a phrase that means “when and how are you going to quit?”.  Many see this profession as a means to an end, not a career.  In a way they are right, as it’s difficult to keep this job up indefinitely.  I do not have an “exit plan”, though I do have financial and personal goals.  I’ve met some of them, and I’m working on others.  I don’t plan on quitting this biz any time soon, I’m having far too much fun.  I do one day want to write more than anything else, but that’s a far off dream.

Q: Can you have a boyfriend and do this?  What does he think?

A: I want to first explain that I am personally polyamorous, which means someone who wants to and can maintain multiple romantic and/or sexual relationships at one time, with all parties aware of and consenting to each other.  I have no idea if this is how other escorts work, as I haven’t asked, but for me, all of my partners (when I have them) know what I do for a living and are at least nominally supportive.  I don’t allow people into my life who look down on  me or my chosen profession.  If they can’t hack it, they can leave.  It hasn’t been too much a problem.

Q: I’m morally opposed to everything you do and say here, how can you not be ashamed of yourself?

A: One, what are you doing reading my blog then, you hypocritical ass.  Two, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, as sex isn’t shameful or dirty.  Wanting companionship isn’t shameful or dirty.  I’m at peace with what I am and what I do (which don’t necessarily correlate) and I am profoundly sorry that you can’t seem to get past your sanctimonious self to see that.  Ta!

2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. From one disabled vet to another, I agree with you wholeheartedly, we are definitely sexual beings, and the value of sexual pleasure should never be underestimated.

  2. Thank you for your service, my friend. We are all of us sexual beings (well, except for the asexual folks, but that’s totally already in the name LOL) and I refuse to deny that part in anyone. I’m glad my blog is bringing you joy.

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