About Me

Hi! I’m Magdalene Hart!

I am a vivacious, vibrant and voluptuous 20-something from the Seattle area (who also adores alliteration!)   A  premier Companion, an intelligent escort, a sensual hedonist, and a bombshell classic pin-up! (and modest.  Very modest)

I spend my days reading the latest and greatest in erotica and sci-fi, keeping tabs on the best place to get a coffee, learning the art of vintage ironing, and attempting to better myself through economics, marketing, world politics and humor.  The real thing you need to know about me is that I am a collection of interesting information, extensive anatomical knowledge, and have a complete disregard for convention, frigidity, and Puritanical lifestyles.

You might be interested in me if you desire intelligence AND humor, sensuality AND sweetness, and a firm knowledge of when to take the lead, and when to follow.

You May Be Wondering The “Why” of My Blog:

My over-arching plan for my blog is really to get my voice out there, to give a sense of familiarity and humanness to my readers.  Rapport is something very close to my heart, and anything I can do to make my new friends feel comfortable, excited, and safe is fair game.

I’m also not one for the local boards.  I dislike the culture that can arise on anonymous internet boards, and let’s face it, I am entirely too busy to keep an active voice on the three + boards.  So, instead of spreading myself so thin to cover this board and that board and these emails, I’ve decided to keep tabs on this blog, and my Twitter account @Mag_Hart.

This is my space, for puzzling out curious behaviors, discussing my favorite topics of sex and pleasure, posting my erotica with the hopes of constructive feedback, and other day-to-day musings.  I won’t tolerate rudeness on my blog, and I will make every effort to keep things civil.

In closing, thank you for reading my blog!  Please don’t be shy with questions, comments, critiques or suggestions.  I am honestly not as scary or imposing as I seem!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I stumbled across your blog last evening, and I truly enjoy your writing, and personally, I enjoyed the samples from your Gig Harbor photo shoot. I can only imagine how beautiful you are in person. This is something I must put to the test.

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