How About a Relaxing Day At The Spa

My darling readers,

I have been kicking around this idea for quite some time now, and I think I’ve got most of the bugs and kinks banged out at this point.  The following is a sample of copy that is due to go up on my website when I get back from Hawaii.  What  I need from you, dear readers, is feedback!  Feedback life you’ve never feedback’d before!  I need you to poke holes in my ideas, to offer up your own wants and desires when you think of a “man’s spa”, or tell me exactly /how/ you prefer to be shorn!  Note that I do NOT know how to cut hair, and that would be a disastrous thing to add to my list of pamper.  I will be hammering out details right up until launch day, and probably even after that, so nothing is set in stone!

What I also need, dear lovers and dreamers, are test subjects!   Who wants to be this hot bunny’s test body?  For the entire month of April I will be offering, at a 50% discount, all of these services to those willing to be a test subject for my new spa packages.  The catch is this:  You must give me your honest feedback on my skill, your comfort, what I should do differently and what you loved AND you must write me a little review to announce my services to our community.  Game?

Oh!  I nearly forgot: to the ladies on my blog (how I love you!) please don’t think that just because I’m calling this a “man’s spa” you can’t indulge!  Contact me directly if you are too shy to post here, but these services are for -all- my clients, regardless of gender.

With no further ado!

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