Trials, Tribulations, Tribbles and Termites

Sometimes I find that when I’m truly and thoroughly stressed out I can turn to alliteration to help alleviate some of the profound, personal pressure.  (see what I did there?)

Instead of sending out 20+ emails individually (and inevitably missing a few lovely people) I thought I’d put something up here.  My blog seems to reach far more people than I initially thought, my “lurker” count has shot through the roof in recent months.  I know it sucks when someone you like goes dark online.  One of my favorite bloggers (the absolutely fabulous Allie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half) has been known to go dark for almost a year at a time, which sends her many, many readers into a frantic tail spin.  While I am not no where near as funny (or, let’s face it, popular!) I know a few of you have sent curious emails about me and my whereabouts.  Here’s a short and condensed version:

Some old injuries from my Army days are rearing their ugly little heads.  I’ve never hid my nerve damage but I’ve never yelled it from the roof tops either, but I have sort of kept another injury under wraps: I got my noggin whacked pretty good on a few occasions (which happens in the military, I swear it’s not anything noteworthy in my case) and was recently diagnosed with a mild TBI.  This little persnickety problem has plagued me for quite some time without a name, contributing to memory loss, lack of energy, tinnitus and vertigo.  This, in turn, has really made it difficult to keep any kind of schedule on my own.  What’s worse is that if I don’t write everything down, I’m liable to forget it.  This has manifested in missed doctor’s appointments, birthdays, and most egregiously I have been known to agree to sessions or meet and greets only to forget them completely since I wasn’t able to write it down in a calendar.  So these past few months have been dedicated to getting a handle on this and I think I’m getting much, much better.  Those of you who’ve known me for a while know that I’m far too independent and headstrong to let something as trivial as a physical condition to keep me down!

Now, the bad news:  I can’t seem to deal with the “new” G-Mail set up.  I’m losing “verified” lists, my website domain isn’t filtering into my inbox properly, and I think someone thought they’d be funny and sign me up for a bunch of really craptastic email listservs.  I’m looking into another email change, and I’m checking one or two paid email services to facilitate things a bit more economically, so give me a little leeway to that.  I’m putting up an auto-reply message that just asks for some patience until I figure everything out.  Any techy types who have an opinion on small business email solutions or other communication services is welcome to contact me here or privately.

But wait, there’s more!  The good news is that the holiday season is here, and with it comes end-of-year special rates and hopefully a few new photo shoots.  I have a few new recipes under my sleeve that I’m really looking forward to show everyone, and while I was away I was sent not one but two really interesting Ask Mag! queries.  I ask for patience and promise that there are a few surprises coming up that I think will go a long way towards my forgiveness (consider it my version of sexy penance)

That’s all for now darlings.  Glad to be back, here’s to another go at it!