Dog Days Of Summer

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and various permutations thereof!


As I type, I am sprawled on my bed, pillows, blankets, and top sheet flung to the floor like last night’s prom dress, naked as a jaybird with my (pitifully weak) tower fan blows tepid air over my sweating body.  Explain to me, my beautiful Emerald City, WHY you insist on getting yourself up to 80 degrees in April!  (OK OK It’s about 9 hours until it’s May officially, but I am NOT going to split hairs) It is still technically Spring, and I am not ready for this studio to become an oven!


I am taking up a collection of sorts so I can get myself a nifty, thrifty, and FROSTY! air conditioning unit that will work with the god-awfully designed window-door that I have.  (I’m thinking this one based on it being a cooling unit, dehumidifier AND a normal fan.) Now that I am sharing my studio on the regular I can’t in good conscience let my sisters-in-arms sweat!  Last year I dealt with it by simply not booking during the worst times (12pm-3pm) but those happen to be VERY busy, bustling times, so this year is air conditioning year!


But!  The good news is that with this beautiful, sunny, sunshine my roof patio is finally in play!  I can sun bathe!  I can read my books while sun bathing! I can have my man servant Manuel bring me strong mai tais with the little umbrellas in it while reading while sunbathing!  (OK… I don’t actually have a man servant.  But a girl can dream!)  I am trying to be a little bit more lax this year with my sun aversion.  As much as I love the creamy ivory color my skin naturally is, this year I’m trying not to sweat getting a little brown.  The key is to brown strategically, so I don’t wind up with “lady farmer” tan (you gals know what I’m talking about.  Those capped sleeves only lessen the problem, but it’s there!  Not to mention those odd swoop necklines!)  That means that at least once a week I’ll be up there in my favorite two piece evening out my bronzing.


Before I get emails I promise I’ll wear a big floppy hat, some sun screen, and won’t be out more than an hour or so at a time!  Trust me, I’m doing this for vanity’s sake, since I /hate/ weird tan lines on myself.


So that’s what’s going on with me!  Perhaps if you are good I’ll put up some scandalous bikini selfies!

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