Here Comes the Sun, Doo doo do doo!

Hello, lovers and dreamers!  It’s been a beautiful month (plus a bit) of curious weather, whirlwind travel, testing of new offerings and much, much, more!  (And pictures!)


First things first: I want to send out my utmost thank yous to those who made my birthday last month (March 20th, if anyone was curious) so very special!  I am continually set upon with waves of gratitude and joy that so many of you special lovers took time out of your day to find something perfect for me!


I need your help, though, loves.  I received a few gifts that did NOT come with any sort of note or tag letting me know who the crafty sender was.  Lately I’ve noticed that Amazon is a little laissez-faire  with actually LISTING the “heart felt note” that some people choose to type in.  If it isn’t wrapped as a gift (and thus, comes with a separate pre-printed card) sometimes there isn’t anything on the purchase order except for a tracking number and returns code.  So!  If you were kind enough to send me a gift and I didn’t send you a proper thank you, please, please, please send me a note with what you sent so I can thank you properly!  Those who sent me gifts of clothing or sexy under clothing can be expecting pictures soon!


I spent my birthday in the City of Roses, Portland!  I attended an alternative sexualities convention and had just a lovely time.  I watched maybe the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen spend 90 minutes on the art of the hand job… and let me just say that her volunteer seemed to be, at once, the luckiest man alive AND the most tortured, as she was quite insistent that though orgasm is a wonderful “finishing move” (hah!) her male companion wouldn’t have been able to “produce” another proper specimen of erection in the time frame for her next class… so that poor man was teased and denied for THREE straight classes, with an hour in between all of them to (I imagine) ice his poor boys!  Though I bow to her obvious skill and experience I can’t say I fully agreed with that particular point!


After a relaxing and informative weekend in Portland, I was able to squeeze in maybe an afternoon or two of fun before I flew out to Paradise on Earth, Kauai, Hawaii!  I am already planning my return trip, I enjoyed myself so well.  This time I believe I’ll go in the summer; less bugs, (slightly) less rain, and the seas are calmer so I can hopefully do some kayaking.  I went with mutual friends, and sadly there weren’t any “saucy” pictures taken (if you all are truly dying to see me covered in Kauai red clay mud and sweating through my 30lbs pack, I can post one… but why break the fantasy I create just for you?)  I hiked up and down Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast.  I ran naked on Secret Beach and even tried my hand at wave womping on Kaulalau Beach.  I made friends with wild (grumpy) goats, and swam with sea turtles.  It was truly a magical place, and even though I had to get air lifted out of Kaulalau Beach (nerve injury flared up, I wasn’t able to hike the 11 miles back out.  Mind you that’s a 5,000 ft elevation change, too) I deem that vacation a success of the highest order.  And I MUST go back (this time to take sexy, nude, sunset pictures.  Because obviously I need to)


I’ve been spending the past week recooperating and re acclimating to the PNW, and I am truly happy to be back home.  As much as Paradise is… well… paradise, I really did miss my chilly nights, rain that’s actually cold, and feeling dry for once.  It did allow me to work on my most recent photo shoot down in Gig Harbor, and here are some shots from that.  See my website for a bit of update and polish, with a new gallery slide show feature that I don’t know if I like enough to keep.  Let me know!


gif6PAF_7958  PAF_8040 PAF_8076 PAF_7873 PAF_7949 PAF_7771 PAF_7806 PAF_7845PAF_7854

2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun, Doo doo do doo!

  1. Sounds like you had a very fun and relaxing (?) vacation! Thanks for the wonderful photos in the post too 🙂

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