Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?

All right my darlings, I promised you a picture, and a picture you will have!  Now do keep in mind this is a pretty rough cut, I need to perform a little more GIMP magic to get the levels just right.  This is my first shoot with this photographer, and I think she is a keeper!  She really enjoyed this kind of subject, and will soon be up and mobile to offer shoots to other gals like myself.  She really knows how to put a girl at ease and feel absolutely beautiful!  (I promised I’d keep her name and contact info under wraps until her new site is up.  Photogs are picky that way!)

(Pix after the jump, possibly NSFW)



More to come in the weeks between holidays!  I’m trying to set up another Christmas themed shoot (I have this idea about me and nothing but many yards of satin ribbon…) but it is dependent on others’ schedules.  So, tell me, what do you think!?

2 thoughts on “Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?

  1. holy crap Batman…these are keepers…love the retro look, you rock that era with modern elegance and intelligence

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