“The Dog Days of Summer”

Did you know that the dog days of summer were once considered a good thing?  A time to lay back, be lazy, it was too hot to consider doing any sort of real work.  Now, we think of the dog days as the bitter, humid end to a summer that isn’t exactly ended yet.  90 degree days and 70% humidity at night.  Hell, when it rains it just feels sticky since there isn’t enough cold to freshen everything up.

Anyway, like the delicate flower I am, I cannot bear the mix of heat and humidity.  So I’ve been desperately trying to keep from melting and doing a fairly poor job of it!  So I have been curled up, in the blessed dark, fans on high and not a stitch on, reading.  Oh and the things I’ve been reading!  Sons of the Profits tells the (not so glamorous) tale of how my favorite city in the world began (that city, obviously, being Seattle).  Good Time Girls tells the sordid story of just how integral “seamstresses” were to the growing logging and mining community in our fair city.  And, just to round out my sexual education, I’ve picked up The History of Sex.  There was NEVER a time where women were delicate and fainting, men were chivalrous and neutered, and no one ever talked out of turn or did “nasty” things.  Let me just tell you, the Greeks, Romans, Turks, and the British have ALL done some things that would curl your nose hairs.  It’s amazing.

So, what’s coming down the pipe is this: I have a very special “Ask Mag” article I’m trying to hammer out, so that might be a while, I am gleefully typing up my own short handed account of “Good Time Girls”, I think it’s time for another sexy sex toy review, and maybe a poem or two memorializing just how dewy one’s bosom can become when she is reading erotica in the summer swelter.

Just a tid bit to tide you over, my lovers and dreamers.  Wish for rain!

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