Let’s Get Physical!

My darlings, what is a girl to do when she realizes she just needs a little bit of help to get into those tight, tight wiggle dresses?


I am NOT one to tie on sneakers and go work out in a gym… Frankly I had enough of that in the Army and good riddance.  No, I would much rather take a pole dancing class, or go rock climbing!  Adventure, thrill, a good story afterward!  That’s what I want.


My doctor tells me that even the most vigorous sex isn’t enough to be considered a full workout regimen (yes, I did indeed ask her that.  She and I have a great rapport) so she has suggested that since I just about slid out of my seat from boredom while she was discussing running, jogging, and swimming (Chlorine is TERRIBLE for my hair!) she finally told me that if I could find trails to walk really fast on, it could be considered a cardio work out.  So!  That, in combination with a 4 floor walk up, and a little bit of weight lifting, I should be looking 10 years younger in no time!


I do have a serious thing to ask of you, my lovely readers.  I think for this to work, I really need to continue all of that glorious, sweaty, vigorous loving.  So what I need from you is your support and encouragement!  Let’s nip this wibbly tummy in the bud so I can get back to wearing my slinkiest dresses!

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