Sexy Book Club

Hello lovers and dreamers!

Any day now I will begin reading Mary Roach’s amazing and hilarious book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex along with a lovely gentleman who desires a bit of a sexy book club fantasy.  I read this book when it first came out originally, and over the years I’ve bought it and given it away and re-bought it only to give it away again!  It’s that good!



Since I seem to have a horrid time updating this blog (and since so many of you worry for me when I disappear, really who could ask for better friends?)  I will attempt to bring up some salient points in the book, my own observations, and my personal opinions on her conclusions (hint: I don’t agree with her lock step on all issues!  My specific skill set gives one a unique perspective)


How about that, darlings?  If you were to follow along with me and discuss in a round robin sort of fashion, that would be just cracking!  (sorry, I’ve been watching a LOT of BBC stuff lately… pish posh, tops, bloody hell, and whatnot!)


Until we speak again, my darlings!  Kiss kiss!


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