Summer time in the city!

Oh my gosh darlings!  *fans self* it has been a hot one lately!

I won’t bore you all to death, my absence has been a mix of annoying health quirks, busy family time (lots of birthdays!), and a complete lack of what to write about!

A recent delightful encounter led me to this particular update:  What does Magdalene do to keep cool?  Here’s a list, in no particular order:

  1. Sipping delicious iced drinks! (Lemonade, iced tea, smoothies, ice wine)
  2. Wearing flowing skirts and blouses with absolutely not a stitch underneath! (because of the breezes, you see!)
  3. Shuttering up her abode during the day, only to venture forth at night in the cool air! (vampire, what can I say?)
  4. Cavorting about naked as the day I was born, in front of a fan! (With the blinds /mostly/ shut)

Can you darlings guess which one I like the best?  (hint… it’s a mix of number 1 and 4, naturally)

For those of you not on my mailing list, this month is my very first attempt at an outdoor shoot!  I’m not quite sure where I can get away to that won’t put me in handcuffs for bouncing around naked, but we will see!  This month also notes my very first attempt at a dedicated work out schedule since the Army.  I promised myself I would NEVER force myself to run again unless I was being chased by zombies, but I think I’ve found a good mix of cardio and weight lifting that will both slim down my curves to an even more pleasing ratio AND not make me want to kill my personal trainer.  The heat is notorious for sapping my appetite, so the exercise regimen is also supposed to keep my food intake up at a tolerable level.  It’s not uncommon for me to go days without eating more than a yogurt and an iced latte.  Heat and me just don’t really go together, ya know?

So that’s the latest, sweet followers!  Look forward to my next article, something just for the ladies!  (I figured out that I have a not-too-small group of lady readers.  How did that happen!?)  I am still taking suggestions for what to write about, and my Ask Mag! page is seeing results, so look for one of those in the near future too!

Stay cool, stay lovely!

2 thoughts on “Summer time in the city!

  1. I totally understand about your stand on running! When I retired from the military I promised myself the only time I would run is if I was being chased by an angry husband or father!! 😉

  2. A very proper time for running! The Army soured me forever on the idea of “jogging for pleasure” or whatever nonsense runners give. That “runner’s high” is nothing more than the body trying to get your brain away from the constant jarring motion of bounces and foot pounding!

    Now, rock climbing. THATS a proper way of building endurance!

    Kiss Kiss,

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    On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 4:27 PM, Magdalene Hart

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