Spring has sprung! Who’s feelin’ frisky?!

Hello my lovelies!  Today was a singularly beautiful day here in the Emerald City, I just had to go out and play in the sun.  Which, funnily enough, gave me an idea about what to post on this blog today!


UV rays are everywhere.  We all know this, right?  UVA, UVB, something about renegade nucleotides or some such science-y jargon. Did you know that the sun doesn’t even have to be out to get hit with those rays?  Did you also know that 15 minutes exposure to sunlight is enough to supply you with your daily vitamin D shot?


OK, I know most of you knew all of those things.  What I’m more concerned about (and this post is ACTUALLY about) is that some of us are cubicle-dwellers, who wake before the sun rises and don’t even get back in our cars until dusk.  We aren’t getting our daily sun shot!  Sunlight has been shown to lift moods, boost energy, hell, even give your immune system a kick in the pants.  The northwest is absolutely lousy with sufferers of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Basically, some of us get depressed when the sun goes away.  Get outside and soak up some feel-good juice.  Ask anyone, I am a vampire night-owl.  I stay up late, I detest getting my porcelain skin even the slightest bit tan, and sunlight hurts my eyes.  BUT this year I have decided that every day that is full of sun shine I will go for a walk.  Outside.  For at least 15 minutes (that’s about a mile and a half for me).  I’m one of those people who gets down in the dumps during the winter time, but I’m not going to let that happen this year!


Wear sunglasses, use sunscreen, bring yourself a water bottle.  But get your keisters outside a little bit this spring, and I promise there will be a spring in your step!

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