“What, I’m open minded!”

I will apologize in advance for the tone of this post…  This blog has become a sort of sounding board I can bounce ideas off of.


What does “open minded” mean?  Honestly, it’s a strange phrase that means something different to everyone.  Don’t say it means you are willing to try new things, what kind of things?  What’s new?  What YOU think is valiantly open minded I think is boring as hell, considering I did it four years ago.  I hate ambiguous-ness in words. 


Apparently, to one individual I just spent the last few hours talking with, “open minded” means that they enjoy thinking about things like light bondage and sensual spanking, but as soon as the silk comes out it’s “you’re pushing my boundaries!  I’m not LIKE you!”  I know, I know, I shouldn’t judge.  Everyone comes into kink and fetish and other alternate ways of getting off differently.  “Edgy” is just a nonsense word as “open minded” for the same reason.


So, I just have this one request: whenever you go into a text-based discussion (or even a face-to-face conversation) be succinct.  Say what you mean, mean what you say, use small words and get to the point.  Perhaps it’s remnants of my military training, but if you can’t give me all the information I nee in one paragraph you have done it wrong.  It does no one any good if you announce to the world how “open minded” and “free spirited” you are, only to blanch and tap out once something a little bit more spicy than vanilla comes your way.  (This goes double to you “edgy” kids, who think just because you bought a blind fold and ball gag makes you some kind of kinky freak.  If you don’t give me established boundaries, I will begin by decorating your chest with needles, just to prove a point.)


OK, as I said this was a rant and I’m sorry for it.  How many times can a lady discuss communication skills, and how important they are?  At least once more, it seems.


I hope your Monday is treating you with much better care than mine!

8 thoughts on ““What, I’m open minded!”

  1. What? If I’m “open minded” doesn’t that mean you should be able to read it? I thought that was a great post. I also really liked the toy review. Picturing you with that wand really got me going.



  2. I live to serve and entertain my friend! The education part is really just a fringe benefit!

    Look for more toy reviews soon!

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  4. I’m glad I could rev your engine, as it were!

    Keep your eyes peeled for my next toy review, Jimmy Jane’s Form 2!

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