Health Update

Hello my lovelies!  I have been receiving emails from some of you inquiring about how my various health issues are progressing.  I am genuinely touched at the amount of caring and empathy you all are sending my way, and since I believe that building strong relationships requires a bit of honesty, I thought I’d put this update here instead of replying to the tens of emails.


I have yet to see my neurologist (the VA hospital wheels turn slowly), but my physical therapist (PT) has given me some rather ridiculous-looking stretches to perform multiple times a day.  If you see me arching or doing some weird flexing thing with my hands and arms, that’s what I’m doing.  She’s also given me a mandate that I not lift more than 10 lbs at any given moment, and attempt to keep my wrists and elbows straight.  Push ups, pull ups, and the random intricate hobbying that I sometimes do (origami, crochet, etc) are right out.  Of course, I don’t intend to follow all of her rules to the letter (I’m only human!) but I will appreciate everyone’s understanding if I seem to ease off certain activities to save my wrists.  The good news is I am in very little pain, and as soon as I get a proper computer (instead of my trusty MacBook Air) I’ll be able to subdue one of the bigger triggers in my hands.  Apparently, proper “computer desk” posture is difficult to achieve with a laptop.


It seems that when one part of the body acts up, the other parts get jealous and start acting up, too, like squabbling children!  I’ve been battling arthritis in my shoulder and hip for a year or so, and this new nerve thing seems to have brought all of that to a head.  Now, you all know me, I’m as tough as I am fun, so I’m not exactly turning off my active lifestyle just because a few joints can’t seem to get with the program!  What I AM doing is modifying a lot of my more favored activities to better alleviate the more problematic joint issues.  What does this mean, realistically?  The use of my “sex wedges” will be more evident (and hey, who DOESN’T like a good sex wedge?), I’ll be modifying my arm locations for certain, ahem, positions, and I will be taking breaks in between the fun to stretch out.  (Bonus, I’m told I look just like a cat waking up from a nap when I stretch and writhe)


Before anyone decides to play doctor, I am on a low dose regimen of anti-inflammatory medicine, and using non-narcotic pain medication as needed.  I am refusing to wear braces on my arms OR legs while I sleep (honestly, who can do that?!), and I’ve changed up my diet to be more paleo-centric (though not a pure paleo diet… a girl can only give up so much).  I am looking into herbal boosters, but as it stands my multi-vitamins and my drug regimen seems to be doing a pretty good job.

So, just to wrap it up:  I’m fine.  I promise.  I am a tough cookie and stubborn as hell, and I don’t want these little hiccups to affect our play time together.  If you all start treating me like a delicate flower I might throw a very un-lady like hissy fit.



(Oh, and I was just kidding about playing Doctor.  I have a stethoscope and VERY warm hands.  We can play Doctor all you want… 😉   )

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