Just a little something to tide you over!

**Small note before we begin today:  Please don’t attempt to schedule time with me through my blog.  I have email, I have a phone number.  Please use those.  Thanks!**



Did you know that scientists have figured out what scent drives a woman mad with lust?  Can you think of what that might be?  Is it the musky scent of a hard-bodied fireman after a day of saving lives?  Is it the downy, creamy smell of a newborn?  Maybe the absolutely masculine aroma of roasting meat?


Nope!  It’s licorice!  Actually, black licorice candy like Good and Plenty.  Before you guys get up in a huff, let me say that pumpkin spice and cinnamon top the list for men’s arousal.  Why do you think I decided to get my bake on!?


Seriously, though, scent is one of the first senses we develop after we are born.  Scent has been said to be the biggest memory trigger.  Think of your childhood home, or a relative you loved but have lost.  I’ll bet one of the first things you’ll recall is the smell of the musty attic or that Great-Grandma always smelled like those little caramel candies.  To this day, black powder and Obsession always bring me back to a certain someone in my life.  Now, the smell of silk and cedar really get my blood pumping!  (that’s what most vintage clothes smell like… FYI)


Here’s what I will be baking in the next few weeks, what do you think?


Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies



Sugar Cookie Cups


Lemon Tarts


And that’s why they call it “Just a Taste!”

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