Change is the Only Constant!

Just a quick one my lovelies, then there may be a small break between postings.

I’ve been planning quite a 2013, and it all starts here at the ground floor! I’m overhauling my website and changing it over to it’s new URL home (to keep in line with this blog!) so forgive any lumps or bumps during that transition.

I’ve already began my second change, which is exclusive monthly photo shoots that will appear at my Gallery site for viewing for special Patrons of mine. You will now have options to download or even order physical prints of my beautiful photo work, and soon be able to order pay-per-view type web video content. I’ll be taking both photo and video requests once I have all the kinks ironed out.

The third change (and this is a big one) I will begin posting excerpts from a novel I am attempting to write. I believe it’s apropos, considering it’s subject matter. The articles and editorials written from here on out are to be considered for publication, and I’d really enjoy all of your support and feed back.

Now, here’s the most exciting (to me) and tenuous at the moment: I am working on securing a cozy little rendezvous spot somewhere in the prime real estate of Seattle. Maybe Pioneer Square or Queen Anne Hill. This, my darlings, means that no longer will we need to schedule days in advance, but that with a call and a smile we can meet up for a refreshing morning romp or a steamy afternoon soak. A girl needs her own refuge, and who would I be if I didn’t share it?

So that is what is going on in my life, my loves. Stay tuned for updates, and if I am feeling a little poetic I’ll share some revelations I’ve had over the Christmas season.

Be well, and have a Happy New Year!!

6 thoughts on “Change is the Only Constant!

  1. I despise that phrase…”change is constant”…I use at work all the time for my employees…sorry for the rant…I know why you used it, which was the appropriate application…off the soapbox now

  2. Usually I’m in the same boat as you, LCB. “Change is constant” is very much like “Paradigm shift is necessary to change your perception” it’s words meant to /feel/ deep, but have very little real world substance. I try to catch attention with my blog titles, and it look like it worked at least partially! 🙂 Rant away, my friend. Dialogue is the only way one learns anything! (sorry, did it again!)

  3. hahaha…obviously you caught my attention but then again I am a devotee of the sexiest pin-up model 🙂
    Thank you ma’am for allowing my rant
    …I agree with Basil that is wonderful news

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