A Little Note To My Fans

I hesitate to use that word, “fan”. It seems a little disingenuous, don’t you think? A little self-important. But what do you call a person who follows you on your social media, waits for new images or other content and gets antsy when it’s been a while. What do you call the person who contacts you every few months to see how things are, to encourage you in your work and personal life, who tells you stories of their own experiences based off what I’ve written?

To my fans: I am so very thankful for you. I received in the mail today a book on “microeconomics for the small business” (I’m not linking it, since the author is the one who sent it to me!) He wrote inside the book flap; “To my favorite small business owner, a token of my gratitude for what you do. I hope there are ideas inside that you can find useful,” And wouldn’t you know it, at the bottom is the signature of the author.

Now, here’s the weird bit: I don’t know who sent me the book! The name isn’t familiar, and the shipping info isn’t familiar, and there wasn’t an added piece of paper or attached card or anything! So, where ever and whomever you are, Econ Author, thank you. I’ve begun reading, and I do hope to gain more insight in micro econ and marketing a small business!

I receive little gifts here and there, and each time it’s like my birthday and Christmas, all at once. Usually, I’m able to send a thank you note, or some pictures of me in the sexy lingerie, or a picture of me reading the book *ahem* naked, or just a small discussion of the topic or where I’m hanging my new oil lanterns. But I can’t do that when someone doesn’t sign with their handle.

So here’s my thank you, to those anonymous, big-hearted, thoughtful men who decide to spend their time trolling Amazon for something they think I’d enjoy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve decided to start a new page on this site dedicated to pictures of me and the sweet things I receive. That way, even if a suitor signs the card “anonymous” they can know I received and LOVED the gift 😉

OK, a little long for a note, but once you get me started… 🙂

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