Curious about change


It’s no real secret that I love my job because of the flexibility it brings.  How many people can decide, on a whim, to lay out in the sun and conduct business?  Or call up a client and say “You know what, how about lunch on the pier?” Or, as a matter of course, be taken to the opera or a musical?  I love my job with a passion.  How many can say their work is their paramour?

But it’s not all wine and roses.  We call into complacency, trusting that “how it’s been” will be how it always will be.  This is never true in a service business, no matter what the flavor.  So, in the month that I’ve been fairly quiet and out of reach, I’ve been trying to think about how I can

a) boost my visibility in the “field” as it were
b) keep all of my favorite darlings (read: YOU guys!!) abreast of new information (see what I did there? *wink*)
c) stay in touch easier and more efficiently
d) make sure everything stays fun!

I like busy- I like having a schedule I can fall back on.  But /how/ does one go about it?  Someone told me I should start leasing ad space on this blog and on my website.  I’m not too keen on that, even though it’ll pull in more traffic and bump me up in Google ratings.  Even if I limited it to ad space of an adult nature, it’s difficult to do that and keep one’s blog or site looking clean.  I don’t want the first thing a person sees on my site to be an ad for hand cuffs or a discount on a liter of lube (though, both of those things are awesome).

Advertising on escort malls is another thing mentioned to me.  I’ve looked into it, and just the nature of the PNW leads me to believe it’s a money sink with very little pay off.  I don’t know anywhere else that is driven so much by local board traffic!  Eros seems to be the end-all, be-all, but for $100/mo just for a basic ad, I wish I could get some sort of guarantee that it’d be worth it.

Locally, I’ve been fascinated with my own personal providers.  (No, not like that!)  My waxer has this lovely scheduling system where you see her once, then she gives you a card with an invite code to her online scheduling service.  She lists her available days/times which are updated automatically, and you choose the day, time, duration and kind of service you want.  You use your code so she knows who you are and then you get an email confirmation the day before.  It’s ingenious and so very clean and simple!  I do wish I could implement something similar, but I’m not entirely certain that would be… oh I don’t know it just doesn’t feel very intimate.  You all know how I love to be…. intimate ;).

You know what I’ve always wanted to try?  Webcamming.  Just me, my little camera, a lacy outfit and a chat room all for me.  I could answer questions, maybe indulge in a few requests, we could flirt and tease and have some good clean fun.  Checking into places like niteflirt and the like doesn’t seem like something I’d want to do (pay scale is confusing, competition is fierce and let’s be honest, I don’t think I could stop giggling) but maybe something like an open Skype channel in lieu of a meet and greet or something.  It’s an idea.

So, this ramble can really be pared down to a few things:

I’m trying to keep myself motivated and excited about my passion
I’m thinking of more fun and interesting ways to keep my darlings happy
I’m recognizing that I don’t like the feeling of stagnation that comes with complacency
I’m looking for different ways to do the same things, just better!

What is the answer?  I’m not sure!  Great ideas do NOT occur in a vacuum, so I do hope that my lovelies out there might have an opinion or two.  Now, in the spirit of trying new things, I’m going to make a poll.  I hope one or two of you might take the time to click it 😉


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