Hey, SEX! (also, be safe)


I don’t think I need to give a safer sex lesson here.  I’d hope that we are smart enough to know that condoms help guard against STD’s, to never engage in sexual activity with someone with open sores or cuts on their mouths or genitals, and to know the risk factors of unprotected oral sex (the chance of STI transmission is less than unprotected vaginal/anal sex, but it isn’t 0%)


What I will talk about is unintentional transfer.  For ladies like me (that is, full service GFE-types), there is a delicate dance we do (or should do).  One hand touches the genitals of our partner, the other touches ourselves.  This helps reduce accidental transmission of bodily fluidsPre-ejaculate and a woman’s natural moisture are vectors for infection if any are present, and this is a logical continuation of proper condom use and use of gloves for internal play.


The dance becomes more difficult when a gentleman is either unaware of the risk involved, or simply doesn’t think about it before touching himself and then his partner.  I try my very best to give a natural, organic experience to every patron, but safer sex practices can sometimes harsh the fantasy.  My goal is safety for both of us, not to give the impression that my patron is “dirty” or somehow “tainted”.  With very minimal exceptions, what I do and how I perform in session is how I act when with personal lovers.  I don’t believe in segregating my passions, but sometimes the one exception is where safer sex is concerned.


I urge my readers to have a frank discussion with themselves, their partners, and their providers about safer sex practices.  We all take risks, and I have found a good middle ground between fun and safe that I am comfortable saying I am making calculated decisions and taking mitigated risks.


**Author’s Note:  My goal wasn’t to be a “downer” today.  This stems from an encounter I had today with someone that I felt was less of an individual quirk and more of a pattern of behavior.**


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